Folding ALDI Bags Flat *DIY*


Who out there loves ALDI? I know I sure do! But shopping there means you have to be a little prepared before you shop there. And I am speaking about bags. Sure, you can buy them at the register in a pinch but those bags start to pile up. I had a drawer bursting of them! I wanted to find a way to fold and store them but most tutorials I found online were for small plastic bags and it just didn’t work. Aldi’s bags are thicker plastic and with a large handle on the top that just doesn’t like to fold up well.

So, I just incorporated a few tutorials I read into this one specifically for ALDI bags. They fold into flat rectangles and are super east to just have a few your purse or to grab when you are headed to do some ALDI shopping. ENJOY!

  1. What you want to do first is take your bag and square it out. Everything should naturally fall into place. Take it from this mess…20181019_084047

to this. All squared out and smooth. Try to get as much air out as possible.


2. Now you will fold up the bottom  of the bag. It will fold naturally where the bottom of the bag meets the sides. On the style of bag it is the green part.  Again, just try and smooth as much air out as you can. It will make a smaller folded bag.


3.Flip this all the way over so the edge folded up is to the back. Then fold either the right or left side to the middle. It should be folded to the width of the handles. Then do the same with the other side. It doesn’t matter if you start with the left or right side.




4. Now you will take whichever side was folded second and fold it in so its behind the green folded edge from the first fold. It should form pockets on both the front and the back.


5. Fold back the top flap and tuck in the handles. Press out the air.


6. Flip bag so that the edge with the handles are facing you. Fold down the top of the bag about 2-3 inches. There is a seam so it will fold naturally.


7. Fold down one edge, either left or right side, to meet the opposite side and make a triangle.


8. Now fold it again. The triangle with half in size and make a triangle with a point in the middle.


9. Take the point and tuck it into the pocket.



And there you have it! A nice, organized collection of bags ready to be filled with groceries!

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