I won another Cookbook!

As some of you may know, I have a bit of an addiction……Cookbooks. I just can’t turn down a good cookbook. I have shelves and shelves of them. My count is over 300 right now, not including all of the Cooks Illustrated and other magazines that I own. *Side note. Who else agrees with me that Cooks is THE BEST cooking magazine out there!?* One of these days I may have to share my collection with this blog. 🙂

My problem with all of these cookbooks was finding specific recipes. I couldn’t remember what cookbook it was in or didn’t even know that cookbooks had the recipe I was looking for! Then I heard of an amazing website. Its called Eat Your Books and its amazing. It is an online index of your cookbooks. You add the cookbooks you own to your bookshelf and then you are able to search the cookbooks you own online! I am not quite done entering all of my cookbooks yet and I already have 24,000 searchable recipes! Its a great way to put all of those cookbooks to good use.

Another feature of the site is that they have cookbook giveaways of cookbooks that they review. I enter for every possible cookbook giveaway and I have already won 2 cookbooks. Like I need more right? But I love getting inspiration from different chefs and different places. This is the most recent books that I won. I have always wanted to learn more about smoking foods, so I am super excited to dive into this book. Kevin and I watch a lot of Masterchef Australia and they are always using smoke to add to their foods….even desserts! Its incredible to watch and maybe now I will be able to try it too.

Take my advice. If you are a cookbook and recipe lover, check out Eat Your Books!

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