In like a Lion…

Well, 2018 is here and what a year I have had. I sold the bakery, moved, got a job, left a job and so many things in between. It has been very bittersweet.

I have been so sick this week. While home visiting family, I think I caught every sickness anyone had come in to contact with ever. Its been a whole week of horrible symptoms. But today I am happy to say…I spent more time off the couch then on! I am still not back to normal but I am getting better.

With all of the time on the couch I have had loads of time to think. My ideas are not fully formed but I know a few things. I know that I love making food. I know I love sharing the recipes I have found and made up. That brings me more joy then almost anything in my life. I think that is why I loved owning the bakery so very much. I loved being able to make any recipe that came to mind and then see people eat it and give me feedback. That is why I love doing this blog. So please, if you’re out there and reading this, keep reading and let me know what I should make next. Lets see all the things I can bake this year!


  1. You are my favorite baker and chef who is not only able to make good, no I mean great food. You also have the ability to take criticism and take that criticism to fix went wrong. I have also loved the fact that you are able to explain “baking chemistry” to me.


  2. I’m glad you are on the mend. It must have been very hard to leave the great support system you obviously had. It takes time for roots to grow after a move so hang in there. We so need lions!
    Being on the mend and considering the time of year have you thought about posting some info on hearty soups or stews? I know this is outside your normal area of expertise but maybe you can thaw out this polar freeze we are in.
    My second request is if have you ever heard of a water-whipped pie crust? Do you have a recipe? My father was a baker and died when I was a young teenager. He had a recipe for a water-whipped pie crust that I lost somewhere in life. People used to rave about it and I would like to replace it if possible.
    Finally, if you have any “healthy” pie crust recipes that would be awesome as well.

    Thanks for maintaining this wonderful blog,


    1. It is so nice to hear people are reading my blog! Thank you so much for reading and coming back.
      I love a good bowl of soup. I had been thinking the same thing. My mind always seems to go back to baking but maybe it is time to branch out some more.
      I have heard of water-whipped-pie crust! I am going to do some looking and try to find you a few recipes and you can let me know if I get it right.
      As for healthy pie crust, I do have a few that I have tried. I am thinking of doing a blog post on it so check back in the next week or two and hopefully I can give you a few ideas.
      Thank you again for reading and Happy New Year!!


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