Vintage Recipe Trial: Russian Tea


This Christmas when I was at my in-laws, I found a book of Kevin’s Grandmas handwritten recipes. I decided to take a photo of each page so that I could, someday when I had more time, type up the book for the family or whoever would want them. I have only gotten a few pages in and I think that I would use every recipe I have typed. It is going to be a fun little side project I think. 🙂

This one stuck out though. I had never heard of Russian Tea before. I asked around and every older lady that I asked, knew exactly what it was. This drink was super popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I gotta say, I’m a fan. Its warm, spicy and not too sweet. I also tried it cold, and while being good, I think it would be amazing if you omitted the spice. I can also really taste it with maybe some Whiskey or Brandy. I would need to test that out….

This recipe make quite a bit, so if you just want to try it, I would cut this in half….unless you wanted to be nice and make up some gifts for your friends.


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