Vintage Recipe:James River Waffles

I may have an addiction. Ask almost anyone that knows me what I have too many of and they will most likely say Cookbooks. I have so many that I have run out of storage for them! I have them everywhere. I am kind of picky with what I buy. I mean I won’t just buy ANY cookbook but I must not be picky enough. 🙂 There are worse things, right?

Which brings me to a new idea for sharing. I recently checked a cookbook out from the library and just fell in love with the idea of it! Basically it is just recipes found in random books and places.  It is so fun to look at and enjoy.  You can check the blog out here. Handwritten Recipes

Most of the old recipe cards and handwritten recipes I own have been found in recipe boxes and cookbook….not quite as entertaining and though provoking but a recipe is a recipe and I would like to share some interesting ones. I will try some but I may also just share them and if you happen to try them, well let me know how it goes!


I made these this morning with pretty good results! My only real complaint was that they didn’t want to brown. I used just oil where I usually use melted butter. Also, I have been trying to cut out dairy so I used almond milk. They had a very nice fluffy texture and were crispy on the outside. I would be very happy serving these for breakfast but I think the recipe I usually make is still better. This one is very close though.


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