Iced Coffee at Kwik Trip Review!

I was at Kwik Trip yesterday and decided to try out one of their fancy, new coffee machines. It has been tempting me for awhile now. I have always enjoyed an iced coffee so I would like to think I know what a halfway decent one tastes like although, I am sure there are many others that would know a million times more than me. I am just going by taste.

You start by filling your glass with ice. One of the employees quickly came over and walked me through it. He also noticed the caramel flavoring was low (since thats what I wanted) he filled it for me and also did a rinse. He said the difference can be worlds different.

So, I made my drink. It walks you through everything. Its quite a machine! I took a drink and couldn’t believe how good it was! It had such a nice coffee flavor with just a touch of sweetness. Some that I have had in the past have been so sweet, I have gotten a headache almost instantly. I took the little bit that I couldn’t drink to my mom and she was also super impressed! For $1.99 it is quite a steal.

Cut to today…It is super warm and I thought I would get another one to treat myself after delivering wedding cake this morning. Well, all I can say is that the employee I talked to was right. I went to a different Kwik Trip and it was almost undrinkable! Bitter and watery with no flavor or sweetness. I was super bummed.

I guess that means you have a 50/50 chance of getting a good iced coffee at Kwik Trip. What has your experience been with them? I would love to know.

I have an awesome recipe for Iced coffee that I break out every once in a while. Maybe I will post it here?

WP_20150710_09_58_29_Raw[1] WP_20150710_09_59_49_Raw[1]

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